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To those about to be elected, some advice and a warning, should it be required

Common Weal Fife

For they still prefer sheep to thinking men
Ah, but men who think like sheep are even better
(Brian McNeill)

You are about to take part in an election like no other in recent memory. You should be aware that many of the old rules don’t apply. You should be aware that we are watching you, watching you because we are awake, watching you because the power you may gain will be on loan from us, and you had better take heed.

We are on a journey, one that didn’t end on the day of 45%. We did not go back to our homes, our mind-numbing TV or our breakfast cereal and forget. We did not resign ourselves to second best and give up. In our homes, our organisations and communities the dream and the reason for it drives us even stronger.  As the morning after dawns and the numbers…

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