One Year On

As the reality of the result wrenched our guts apart,
Disappointment gave way to cool heads,
And here we are,
One year on.

With conspiracy theories cast aside,
We took stock and continued the fight,
And here we are,
One year on.

We remembered the goal, not simply the route,
Celebrated our achievements, recognised our mistakes,
And here we are,
One year on.

The movement, the movement, that is the key,
No return to what we did before,
And here we are,
One year on.

So take stock, reconfigure, forge ahead,
So much has changed already,
Let us Rise, we are already,
One Year On.


One thought on “One Year On

  1. Lilian Kennedy Brzoska September 24, 2015 at 8:28 am Reply

    Splendid Grant


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