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Fence Sitting, Preparing to Jump

eu-logoAt the moment, I’m hovering about in a largely undecided state over the upcoming EU Referendum.  While I’m making my mind up, I’ve decided to gather links to the progressive cases for staying in or leaving.  This page will grow as I add new links, so do check back.

This is not an exhaustive list.


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Spare Us The Cutter: Save Our Libraries

By Grant Buttars, RISE West Fife

12746594_10153906613528048_1586675461_nOn 18th February, Fife Council took the decision, to close 16 of our libraries.  Affecting many of the poorest communities in the county, this was justified with the usual excuse that they couldn’t do anything else.

To some extent at least, this was the expected outcome but it still came as a severe blow to the communities affected and to the campaigners who have been fighting to save them since the initial announcement to close was made last year. This result will see some libraries close in as little as six weeks. An alternative proposal by the opposition SNP group, defeated by one vote, gave the libraries a 12 month reprieve, while alternatives were investigated.

I have played a supporting role in the Keep Fife’s Libraries Open campaign from the start and I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the tireless work…

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